Our Story

From our Founder, Anthony Agrios:

At 6’5”, I’ve spent over a decade in cramped fitting rooms, feeling the heat on my back as shirt after shirt didn’t feel right. I’ve returned countless online orders which I knew wouldn’t fit that I bought anyway. I’ve sat uncomfortably in cafes, planes, and other spaces, wishing I could scale it all up just a little bit. I’ve intentionally sat in the back, not drawn attention to myself, and did what I could to blend in. 

After too many frustrating fitting room experiences, unfulfilling online orders, and uncomfortably cramped spaces, I started NIMA to scale my world up to what I felt fit. I grew tired of shrinking into the sizes, spaces, self-imagery that other people decided would work for me. 

I believe that standing out demands more than just a height requirement. It’s born from creativity. It’s built off of confidence. And it’s spread through a commitment to take yourself to a higher plane of existence every single day. 

I'm starting with The Capital Tee to give you the thread you need to feel like the you that you know you’re capable of being. This is my first step towards a world of intentionally crafted, perspective shifting products and experiences for tall men.

We're building a new perspective. Welcome to a higher plane of existence. #standtall

Anthony Agrios